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So we got to use the sheets in play again this weekend and for the most part things went smoothly. I do have some suggestions from my players:

1) Can you make the step chart at the bottom a little taller. They had a hard time reading it.

2) Can you have the sheet account for tracked resources or at least have the equipment show how many items are in a stack? They didn't know how much ammo they had at some points.

3) I know you haven't had the chance yet to do it (and I don't mind doing it for you if it would ease up some of your time), but the perks and flaws don't show up. If I typed them all in, would they show up?

4) Does it count the cybernetic slots? I didn't see it keeping track of them. Is that still something you're working on? I know you said that you weren't sure how you wanted to implement them.

5) Special abilities would be nice to show up on the character sheet.

6) They really liked the layout overall. A few times there were things that slipped to the next page that they didn't like but I told them that's a flaw with HL and there's nothing you can do about that (I've seen it happen with Pathfinder and Mutants and Masterminds so I know it's nothing you can do).

This has really gotten me interested in Alternity again and I'm bringing 6 new players into the game because of this. Thank you for all your work. It's been really helpful for getting the game going.
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