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Thank you for all the effort you put in Fenris!

I'm having an issue with Tasha's Sorcerer Variant spells.

When I hover the feature, it doesn't list:
2nd-level: Magic Weapon
5th-level: Bigby's Hand (Arcane Hand)
6th-level: Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (Freezing Sphere)
And I don't find those added to my spell list to be chosen as a Divine Soul Sorcerer either.

Looking at the commit on github, I see that the description and entry is different, listing the missing spells.

For example, the commit has the description for the variant feature mentioning Freezing Sphere, but the description I have doesn't. The version I have of the 5e Community Pack is from 10 January 2022 and have tried to update it.

The code itself says:
<tag group="ClsAllowSp" tag="spArcaHand"/>
<tag group="ClsAllowSp" tag="spMagiWeap"/>
<tag group="ClsAllowSp" tag="spFreeSphe"/>
So I'm unsure why it's not giving me access given the latest release was on January 3rd.

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