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Thanks for pointing out that you can duplicate the game system. I played with it a bit and it is pretty good and how I want to go. But I do have a question.

What I would like is to have two copies of Pathfinder... something like Pathfinder and Pathfinder_Houserules. I did this and now when I load the game up I get to pick from either game (along with all the other systems) and then it loads great. The main reason I am separating them is due to Pathfinder Society/Convention character generation.

My plan is to have the Pathfinder Core only contain info provided by HeroLab via direct patch. This would be helpful for Pathfinder Society and Conventions. The house ruled version would be greatly changed and I would share the user file with my gaming group for what we have all agreed to. As I use the Replace Thing and Hidden Thing features this is pretty much needed.

So how do I go about patching the house rule version of the game? Will it patch the same way Pathfinder does automatically or do I need to take extra steps? (I understand that I may need to make some tweaks after a patch to my user file.)

Thanks for you time.
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