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Hmmm. Good catch. I wasn't thinking of a scenario like that. It seems you'll actually need *three* things then.

First, create two things as duplicates of the standard Weapon Finesse feat. Neither of them should use the "Replace Thing Id" option. One should be the standard feat, with a dependency on the Alice source not being defined, while other is the modified version that is dependent on the Alice source.

Now for the third thing. This new thing uses the "Replace Thing Id" mechanism and replaces the standard Weapon Finesse feat. However, this feat should do absolutely nothing. All the behaviors should be eliminated from the feat. The only thing it should do is bootstrap the two things defined above. This way, the replacement feat is always added, regardless of whether the source is enabled or not, and it will always add one of the two things, depending on the source.

The only thing you need to do now is to make sure the first two things are hidden from display, else you'll have two entries listed all the time. I can't remember the proper tag for this in Pathfinder. If you don't know it either, Mathias ought to be able to point it out.
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