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Originally Posted by Flappi View Post
Is there a way to access the sources of the Pathfinder module, and is it legal ? As you see, I have many houserules to integrate, and it would be far easier if I could see how everything is working (without modifying anything, just be able to directly see how a thing is computed, and how I could use a script in the editor to change the computation).
When you say sources I assume you mean like source code or in HL the scripts that actually run Things like feats and such?

If that is the case you can go into the editor and in each tab is a blue button bottom left corner called NEW(Copy). This will allow you copy in any existing thing already in HL. This will also bring down any scripts attached to the Thing. This is the best way to learn HL and to integrate your house rules.

On top of this you can use a Replaces Thing ID to have your custom/house rule version of a Thing get used instead of the core HL version. Trust me I have plenty of house rules also and it has been very easy to copy and tweak those changes into HL.

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