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The tutorial says that there is a "class variant" tab in the editor, but I can't find it. I want only allow the wizard to have some choice of feats instead of scribe scroll at level 1, and it would be very, very tedious to duplicate each spell only for that...

Some other questions (I don't think it's a good idea to create 3 subject at the same time):

Is there a way to change the ability tied to spell DC ? If I want to use the Charisma for spell DC (but keep the normal ability for bonus slot and concentration check), is there a simple way to do this ? (the only idea I have so far is to change the field "cSplSaveDC" for the different classes; remove the normal ability bonus and add the Charisma bonus; I don't even know if it would work)

Is it possible to have a "spell DC" adjustment in the adjustment tab ?

Is there a way to access the sources of the Pathfinder module, and is it legal ? As you see, I have many houserules to integrate, and it would be far easier if I could see how everything is working (without modifying anything, just be able to directly see how a thing is computed, and how I could use a script in the editor to change the computation).

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