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I'm not saying they have to do anything. In fact, I was saying I don't expect them to do anything to help with OP's request. You are correct that they are supporting other projects and are not really concerned with 5e; my example was to demonstrate that. For the most part, outside of SRD changes or major bugs, I don't expect LWD to support their 5e product further. That's what I was telling OP.

It's very nice that you have the time and expertise to code your own 5e file. Most people here cannot do the same. I have players who use the Hero Lab 5e SRD + Community Pack to track and play their characters electronically. My and their experience, use case, coding knowledge, and available time are not the same as yours. So we'll continue to use the official LWD-created version of the game.

I know LWD has their reasons for not prioritizing this system anymore. But it's not unfair for me to point that out. If I had a major problem with it, I'd stop using the product.

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