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Thanks Valyar. I'm thinking of getting away from ultralights and going back to getting a thinkpad. The Mac Books don't seem to be worth their price for me.

Selecting a laptop is always tough for me because I travel a lot, but also am a heavy user and most laptops I've purchased don't make it more than and two or three years. I've been very impressed with every apple product I've bought however, they just seem to last and be useable for so much longer. Also, I have never had power-management issues with Macs and at high DPI, they do a much better job when connected to non HDPI screens.

I'm leaning towards a Lenovo Thinkpad T480 to replace my Dell XPS 13. I'm just a little shy because my last Thinkpad's keys didn't last. Every since Lenovo switched from the excellent Thinkpad keyboards to the new chicklet style keys they've been unimpressive. Same with my Dell XPS, the keyboard was never great and is having problems after a few years.

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