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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
Just watched this again. I have put the NPCs under their houses or businesses but as you point out, it does not work well when they can be in both locations. Prime example is one character that they could meet in the pub, his business, the temple, or even at his house or on the street in a random encounter. Seeing them organized like this is very counter intuitive for the way my mind works but I think is a far better way to do it.

After thinking about it a little more, I also added an "Occasional Visitors" heading to cover those people I did not want to show up as regular residents. I'm listing them as subtopics now but I'm thinking that there should really just be a cast list of visitors names with the actual topics shown as residents of somewhere else.
I ran into a similar difficulty and came up with a more verbose but also robust way of cataloguing. It's been quite useful. And it really works well with relationships. in fact, it's almost completely reliant on relationships...

First level of expansion of tree

Second Level of expansion

Third level of expansion

Pros to this system (for me):
-easy to navigate for data entry
-easy to mass enter information
-clear delineation of information

-relationships can be tedious to work with
-the nested nature of the approach can lead to space issues when trying to link items as there is no left/right scroll bar in the linking dialogue

I'm happy with how it all works. I wish it could just read my brain and connect everything with how I intuitively understand the connections, but we're not quite there yet.

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