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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
Importing into the same realm won't work at the moment. This is due to me using "Tag_1" as the tag for the new import, but Realm Works has already used this for the export of the structure which was performed.

I tried using a tag id of "MyImportTag" but this caused Realm Works to crash (reported), after reporting about an error during import.

I don't think it's anything that I can fix at my end for the moment.
If you are referring to the tag_id values, they are only used during the import and as long as you don't duplicate them within the import file for different <tag> elements, it should work fine. Even if you are referring to the "name" on the tag in the import file, it should still work fine, although it would be confusing.

As far as the crash, if you haven't done so yet, please open a support ticket, also, so we can track it and contact you directly with more questions.
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