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I blame LadyofDragons for suggesting this become a feature request. Since I was the one that suggested it in another thread, here it is.

Once the Repository is up and running and we are able to allow other people to look at, purchase, download or whatever our unique work it would be nice if we could allow others to send us feedback and notes. This feedback, notes, suggestions or what have you should be assignable to the whole project or individual parts of a project. The project owner should be able to turn on/off this feature.

This could have a few benefits once the Repository and sharing is made possible:

First, corrections could be suggested (possibly with references) and the originator of the content can decide if those corrections are warranted.

Second, this could facilitate group projects where one person is responsible for maintaining the project but the co-creators of the content can post feedback and notes that the others in the group can review and discuss. Once the group reaches consensus the person that created the project could then implement the changes and remove notes as needed.
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