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I have added a lot for this release. I am currently running a modern Dark*Matter game and had a situation where the players would be running SCMs instead of their own characters for something. To that end, I used my .9 version to write up the SCMs, print out the character sheets, and hand them off the players.

Wow. Quite the eye opener.

I making the SCMs, it really showcased to me several things that were missing, either in the creator or on the character sheet. And even that couldn't prepare me for how much more feedback I got on the character sheet from my players! (I'm hoping to MAKE them start using this for their characters as soon as I can to get more feedback! ) I was missing obvious things on the sheet, other things weren't very visible or obvious and other other things needed done differently.

I was already happy with what I had accomplished for this release but am now even more happy about what I'm doing now! I'm really busy with other things but am looking forward to how much I can get into this release before next week.

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