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State of the system.

I think my big item at this moment is the advances. I think I have the skill advances working, and costing xp entered from the journal screen, but am doing more testing. I was thinking of pushing this out but realized I want more testing time. And I still need to do the ability score advances.

I have added cybertech and mutations to the character sheet on page two. I have also put the spillover of skills onto page two.

I have done a lot of little things for visual cues, like the situation die modifier and some other things. Updated the skill summary panel with visual cues.

Found several things that I never fully implemented, such as the correct tags on things, and so have gone back and fixed those.

More to do, always more to do, but I'm happy with what I have so far and am working to cram more into it.

I'm also trying to think about future things as well and how to make sure things are set up for that as best as I can. I'm thinking of optional rules, such as different starting skill points, and other house rules. I know I used a few house rules for my current group and so I'm thinking about how to implement that but also as something for anyone to use.

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