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Originally Posted by DrunkZombie View Post
As a side note, it would be nice if the dodge calculation grabbed all mods to the dodge skill and not just the skill points. I created Move by Wire and all the increases work, including the bonus to Dodge skill. However it is not using it when calculating Defense. Probably something you don't want to deal with until you work on the Augmentation rulebook, but I thought I would mention it.

Edit: I just realized that Enhanced Articulation is in the core rules, so bonuses to dodge not being picked up is a current bug.
Could you be more specific about how you're having MBW add its dodge bonus? I see nothing in the scripts that would prevent a dodge bonus from adding to the defenses.

What phase & priority are you using?

Are you adding to the rating (like reflex recorders), or to the dicepool (like enhanced articulation)? (You want to be adding to the rating).

Enhanced Articulation only modifies skills in the Physical category - Dodge is a Combat skill, so it's not improved by enhanced articulation.
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