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I think you can address all of these rather easily, although there will need to be a few tweaks to the core material. Once you've got things working, I think you can post the material here in the forums, at which point I can incorporate the changes to the core material and add the Beastman warband to the "standard" set of data files.

1. First, you need to allow the "Lad's Got Talent" to be independently controlled. This means adding a new tag "control.neverlad" into the definition file. It also means appending "& !control.neverlad" to the Live tagexpr for the "Lad's Got Talent" option in the advances data file. Once that's done, you simply need to assign the tag "control.neverlad" to Minotaur and Ungor units.

2. Looking at the "Leader" option, it adds the tag "validation.leader" to any unit designated as the leader. Looking at the "bootstrap" linkset, the priority of this link is 90. To have an option only apply to the Leader, you would do two things. First, modify the "Roar" option to have a Live tagexpr of "validation.leader" so that it only appears for the Leader. Second, make sure that the priority of the "Roar" option is a later than 90 (it ought to be the same priority as the other similar options, which will be after 90). You might also want to write a validation rule that gives a more useful error message if the user assigned the option to a Leader and then the unit loses the Leader designation and the option becomes invalid.

3. Adding mutations really isn't all that difficult (compared to what it may seem). If the mutations are the same as those for Possessed, then all you need to do is hook the existing mutations into the new units. Take a look at the Possessed warband withi ABCreator. You'll find all of the mutations defined under the Items tab, plus a variety of options to attach them with. To add mutations to the "Mutant" unit, all it requires is linking two options to the unit, plus a linkset if you also need to incorporate the Shadowlord rewards. If the Beastman mutations are different from Possessed, I assume they will follow the same basic formula, so you ought to be able to replicate the same logic within the Beastman data file for new mutations.

If you run into any problems with this stuff, please post and I'll see if I can help out.
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