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So I've started building my own Beastmen Raiders warband list in Armybuilder 3.0.

Thanks to the rather informative FAQ page for Mordheim, I've managed to get just about everything working, but I still have a few issues to get through.

1) Minotaurs and Ungors are not allowed to use the 'Lad's Got Talent' advancement, but they CAN obtain experience. the control.neverlearn would handle no exp at all for the Chaos Hounds... but I can't figure out what the units need to ignore that single advancement. What should I use... and where should I put it?

2) The skill Bloody Roar (is that it? Something roar) is Leader only. How do I pull that off?

3) The Mutation skill allows Beastmen to take mutations ala Possessed. I don't have a clue how to start putting something like that in. Basically the skill needs to allow the owner to buy mutations the same way Chaos possessed can.

Thanks in advance!

ps... when it's done, everyone's allowed to ask for a copy.
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