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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
You're using terminology in a strange way for RW and I think that is confusing people.

There is no race/species tab in RW. There is a category with that type. When you modify an article of that type the format toolbar will be available. You cannot make an empty table appear in a particular snippet when you create a new article of a particular category automatically if that is what you want.
I've called the category sections tabs, this is similar terminology across a myriad of other software. I would say the Race/Species tab is under the "Characters" category (or even call that a tab), a different way is to call it a sub category of the "Characters" category.. But stating "tab" is quicker than stating "Category" or sub category.
But of course there are tabs to have different sections open at the same time, so I can see how this is confusing. Apologies.
Originally Posted by Vargr View Post
The format tab in the ribbon will appear when a topic is in edit-mode and your cursor is in a snippet.

Otherwise it will be hidden.

I don't know - I guess it depends on the system RW is set up to use.

But if you need a category you can always make one. I do that a lot.

But beware of the pitfalls of doing so - especially relevant if you are going to make content that should be useable by others - or if you plan to import other people's content.
I created a snippet under the Race/Species sub category that has the table with the races in it. They all link to the appropriate race. I also just discovered that I could move the races I have under the Ethnic group to the Races of Mithra sub category under the "People" category in the World Almanac.

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