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Thanks for your help !

Both feats (Greensinger Initiate and Nightbringer Initiate) are now fully fonctional. All of the pre-requisites for the Planar Shepherd PrC are working correctly as well.

Just to be clear : there is already a version of the Greensinger Initiate feat in the pack (in Eberron Campaign Setting). Its description is wrong (wrong spells listed), the eval script that adds skill to the druid skill list uses the "older" technique discussed in your last message, and the eval script that should add spells to the druid spell list is throwing errors during compilation (so it is turned into commentaries with ~). The new version you just helped me create is working as intended.
[EDIT : I wrote this message without seeing that you updated the feat and attached it to this thread]

I am now working towards getting the Planar Shepherd levels to stack with the Druid levels for the purpose of determining the abilities of the animal companion. I looked through some other PrC that have the same feature, and I often found this piece of script :

var bonus as number
bonus = field[xTotalLev].value
~Only do stuff if the animal companion is live
if (hero.childlives[cAnimComp] <> 0) then
  hero.childfound[cAnimClass].field[CompClLev].value += bonus
  hero.childfound[cAnimComp].field[CompLevBas].value += bonus
Unfortunately it seems to do nothing when I add it to as an eval script to a Class Special linked to the Planar Shepherd PrC.
If I then create a Druid 5 / Planar Shepherd 2, I should have an equivalent lvl for the Animal Companion of 7, which should grant 4 bonus HD. I still only see 2 bonus HD, corresponding to just a lvl 5 Druid.
It is worth noting that if I replace the 2 lvls of Planar Shepherd with 2 lvls of eg. Animal Lord (the class I stole the script from), it still does nothing. If I make a Druid 7, I indeed see the 4 bonus HD on the animal companion.

I doubt that several classes use a script that does straight nothing. So I must have overlooked something, maybe in the way I should link the "class special" to the "class" ? I did activate the class special in the "Class Special Abilities" menu in the "Class" subtab.

EDIT : It is working now. I am using this piece of script :
~Only do stuff if the animal companion is live, add to Anim Comp levels
doneif (hero.childlives[cAnimComp] = 0)
hero.childfound[cAnimComp].field[CompLevAdj].value += #levelcount[PlanShep]
hero.childfound[cAnimClass].field[CompClLev].value += #levelcount[PlanShep]
I also added the Classes.PlanShep tag to the Planar Shepherd Class main tab.

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