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Originally Posted by Elltear View Post
Okay i have added everything I cannot get it to allow me to choose which were creature they are, or get the weretouched ability to show up at the proper level, or the monk ability as well, plus how do i add the ac bonus and the unarmed damage hit dice change. Thank you in advanced.
Some observations:

1) I wasn't able to compile this file as is due to some missing bootstrap things on the Class thing (cHelpWMM). These were:

cRogEvas1 -- I removed this as you already had cMnkEvas1 bootstrapped.
cBbnFast1 -- Changed to cBndFast1.
cMnkSpeed52 -- Changed to cMnkSpeed51.

2) You need to change the Class Helper Bootstrap on the Class Level thing (cWereMonk) from Weretouched Master to Weretouched Monk.

3) To populate your "Animal Types" custom abilities go to the Class thing in the editor and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Allow Class Abilities...". Click the Edit button and select "Weretouched Master" and re-compile.

4) Some Class Specials (such as cWeMWereII) have bootstraps with conditions on them. These conditions are looking for class levels of Weretouched Master. This will need to be changed to Weretouched Monk (look for tag Classes.WMM).

As a general rule, it's preferable to use the Variant Class functionality to modify base classes to create gestalts. In this case, I would modify the Monk and add Weretouched Master features to it. If you decide to go that route, you can delete any Monk-based Class Specials you've created and keep the Weretouched Master-based ones. Then attach these specials to the Class Variant. This would remove any issues with the monk side of things.
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