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Had an issue after update.

Was using WFB3_2.4 just fine, installed WFB3_2.5 and the Army Builder 3.5c.

Now getting the these errors when trying to load.

The data files could not be loaded due to the following errors:

Syntax error in 'validation' script for Rule "heWLHA' on line 1
-> Tag 'HEHelper.WEHA' not defined

Syntax error in 'postlinks' script for unit 'deUnitXe' (override #0) on line 2
-> Tag 'DEHelper.XeMagicl' not defined

Syntax error in 'test' tag expression for Stat Calc 'cdCntH10'
-> Tag 'Class.ChaosDwarf' not defined

Same ChaosDwarf error for cdCnt.... H10, H15, H20, H25, H5, W10, W15, W20, W25, W5

I'm able to revert to 2.4 so it seems it something in 2.5.

Thanks for all the hard work!
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