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Originally Posted by Geewaagh View Post
Seems REALLY painful. So, RW is really not ready for session play with players in real time yet?
RW is designed for real time session play through the player view. Player edition is initially targeted for between session use or for use during play with the last information synced up before the session. We may add real time syncing in the future, but it is not something that can be done at the present time.

Originally Posted by Geewaagh View Post
Back to the core issue, if we exit, sync, coming back in, player still sees nothing. Something I am suppose to do from GM side that I am missing? We still have a server issue going on from this morning?
There is no server issue at this time. So you exited the realm, synced the realm. Did your players also exit the realm and sync AFTER you had completed syncing?
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