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If you have read the Data file notes when you select it.

It states the following

{B}Dogs of War Notes{/B}

{B}Data Sources{/B}: All Stock DoW/RoR files from the {B}{I}6th Edition PDF{/I}{/B} are available by ensuring that the {B}Allow Unofficial Units{/B} is {B}UN{/B}selected.

{B}{I}The Indy GT Armybook Dogs of War and Regiment of Renown Sourcebooks Version 4.0 & FAQ 1.02{/I}{/B} from are available by selecting {B}Allow Unofficial Units{/B}. Additional source materials have been added to {B}Allow Unofficial Units{/B}. They have culled from other out-of-print or dated sources using basic point values from other Games Workshop Armybooks and/or then this editors best guess.

I suspect that you failed to read that important note before you posted. Thank you for you prompt review of this matter.
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