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Sorry for coming late to the party, but I had some information to share on the matter.

Note for Mathias, or any one else who had not worked with or heard of Guardians of Order, the company who published Big Eyes, Small Mouth and it's variations.

Truth of the matter is that BESM d20 was a hybridized semi-universal gaming system that brought wacky, over the top, free form anime inspired rules and assigned point values to all aspects of character creation, and layered them on top of the d20 3.0 OGL's stricter guidelines. Unfortunately, I think it is different enough, in a lot of the fundamentals, that you would probably need the Authoring Kit. I only have Pathfinder in Hero Lab, so I can only speak for it's ability to be used as a base.

The entire system Guardians of Order created is based around using point buy for every aspect of Character Creation. There are some aspects of a point buy system in Pathfinder that might be usable as a springboard, but on a much larger number scale. These are the Advance Race Guide's Race Builder and the Summoner's Eidolon.

There were conversion rules for the d20 core classes to bring them up to a balanced progression based on their point buy rules and some arbitrary guidelines. Luckily, the System Reference Documents were freely available while GoO was still around. and I think I still have the files somewhere in my computer.

The main conversion issues are that everything in BESM has a point value assigned to it, some of the conversions were iffy when it came to class features, though I think that most of them are able to be broken down and assigned a point cost.

There are a few major deviations from the d20 OGL rules(the core of d20 and pathfinder) that I could see causing coding headaches if one were to try and convert or adapt one system to the other. Most of these are the attributes that give a specialized power pool. The rest involves modifications(assigning point values) to the 3.0 core classes. Depending on the variations in how classes are created/edited in Pathfinder vs 3.5 would be the basis on where to start from.
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