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It's based on D20, but stats are point buy. There's also anime style 'attributes', which are basically special abilities and traits, you spend points on. Different classes get automatic attributes, points to spend on attributes, or a combination. This is in addition to feats and skills. Magic's done a bit differently too. And you can take character flaws (or flaws on a specific attribute) to get more points or decrease the cost of an attribute. While it's recognizably D20, it's different enough to still be it's own system too.

For example, I once made a BESM d20 character who had an attribute which allowed them to never have to reload any gun they're firing until AFTER the battle ends. He had a giant chain gun with a 100 round revolver style clip. Then there's magical girls/guys, people with cute animals of mass destruction (ala pokemon), people who Own A Big Mecha, people who can pull obscenely large weapons out of their breast pocket, people who can fire a pistol and deal enough damage you'd think it was a rocket launcher or ICBM...
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