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Has anyone been having issues with more crashes lately? I seem to be plagued with crashes lately. It has been occurring when I try to do something minor but today was major. I decided to sync the files and it kept crashing. The first couple of times was when I tried to do Sync All. So I decided to do them individually. The sync process was super slow with some crashes but I managed to finally get all but two synced. Those two kept crashing whether I did it individually or all at once. I let the system send a report a few times before I finally emailed support with the problem.

This brings up my next concern, is there any support when we have problems? I have to wonder if my message about the crashes will sit in a dark, dingy mailbox never to be opened. This is so frustrating. I feel like the poor dog who chased the thrown toy only to come back to find the owner drove off. I feel angry, frustrated, and betrayed.
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