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Originally Posted by Exmortis View Post
I felt the same way your GF did. I felt the same way getting started with CC way back in the day.

The best, most powerful tools are rarely user friendly, are rarely easy to just jump into. However, for those who are willing to the invest the time, effort and learning, they pay off in spades.

Think of that as R&D, nothing worth while just lands on your lap, one has to work at it. RW is not for the casual minded note taker, it is for the core campaign gamer who wants an open management and content delivery platform.

never use a hammer to put in the screw,
It is really difficult to make a tool, of any kind, intuitive, easy to learn and broadly useful. That RW falls short of that shouldn't shock people.

The reason I make videos, and the reason I hope others evangelize in whatever ways work for them, is to help GM's use what I think is the single best GM's aid to ever come along. The more GM's that use RW the better it will be for all of us as LWD will have more income to devote to it to add features and improve the existing ones.

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