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Originally Posted by Guyanthalas View Post
Oh, and I suppose to keep this on topic...

Don't take this the wrong way. Reading between the lines, the OP is probably in a position of "The tool is overwhelming, DMing is overwhelming, and RW doesn't allow it to be any easier" and I think they are spot on. Buying a nice garage worth of tools doesn't mean you are great at building a house.

I bought Realm Works for my girlfriend who runs a homebrew campaign. She was using OneNote to hold all of her stuff and I thought Realm Works was the better option. I'm pretty sure when I got it for her it was a week of solid cussing from her as she transcribed things. I really felt like a piece of crap because it was a birthday gift for her and thought I had let her down.

However, after she struggled through the learning curve, she loves it. It does exactly what she needs to do (for home brew campaign). I use it for Princes of the Apocalypse and Daplunks videos have helped me a lot for putting in existing content. Now she and I are trying to figure out the best way to get the PHB / DMG into RW in a cohesive manner and that is not an easy problem to tackle.

The tool doesn't help a new DM with running a game. Point of fact, it probably hurts a lot more than it helps (more options is RARELY helpful when someone is unsure what to do). That doesn't mean its a bad tool, but we some root cause analysis might be in order to help getting the guy off the ground.
Thank you Guyanthalas, Exmortis and Gwydion for your updated input. I have been looking to getting back to DMing again and have been looking for some tools other than paper and pen. I have looked at Roll20 but have a hard time thinking that it is all in the cloud and I may not have access to it offline. This my 2nd look at Lone Wolf products and I am intrigued with the tools but also it is only as good as what you put into it. Most of my games have been me moving from note card to note card. You info has helped me remember that if a tool sits in the the garage unused then what good is it.
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