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Oh, and I suppose to keep this on topic...

Don't take this the wrong way. Reading between the lines, the OP is probably in a position of "The tool is overwhelming, DMing is overwhelming, and RW doesn't allow it to be any easier" and I think they are spot on. Buying a nice garage worth of tools doesn't mean you are great at building a house.

I bought Realm Works for my girlfriend who runs a homebrew campaign. She was using OneNote to hold all of her stuff and I thought Realm Works was the better option. I'm pretty sure when I got it for her it was a week of solid cussing from her as she transcribed things. I really felt like a piece of crap because it was a birthday gift for her and thought I had let her down.

However, after she struggled through the learning curve, she loves it. It does exactly what she needs to do (for home brew campaign). I use it for Princes of the Apocalypse and Daplunks videos have helped me a lot for putting in existing content. Now she and I are trying to figure out the best way to get the PHB / DMG into RW in a cohesive manner and that is not an easy problem to tackle.

The tool doesn't help a new DM with running a game. Point of fact, it probably hurts a lot more than it helps (more options is RARELY helpful when someone is unsure what to do). That doesn't mean its a bad tool, but we some root cause analysis might be in order to help getting the guy off the ground.
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