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I checked out the various "competitors" from time to time (Obsidian Portal, City of Brass, the various VTTs, The Keep, etc.), but nothing come close to RW as a campaign management tool. You are obviously frustrated, but after you cool down and waste your time with other tools, I expect you'll be back.

1. Giving up on software that you have a perpetual license for to a yearly service that not only doesn't give you what you were missing in RW, but has fewer features than RW is illogical. Seems like an emotional knee-jerk reaction. What does give that makes it worth it to give up on our $50 software for a $30 per year service?

2. You still won't have RotRL in Scarrab. Are you planning to enter it into Scabbard? Why would it be better in Scabbard than in RW?

3. You say you love HeroLabs. Are you giving up on HL as well as RW? Otherwise, why give up the excellent integration between HL and RW?

You are making a bad decision for yourself in a fit of frustration. You'll either be back or you'll commit to your poor decision "out of principle."

If is a better decision for you, I'd be interested in knowing why. I'm not seeing it.

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