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This is the wrong time to give up. Exactly the wrong time. I gave up (temporarily) a long time ago, and just bided my time ... until now. Now we have the import/export ability, and my export script that allows you to export to HTML format or Word format.

You can export only revealed content, and you can export each topic as an individual file. This means that if you have your own website somewhere, or your own wiki, or an obsidian portal account, you can export and publish your revealed content on a website for your players.

It's a couple of extra steps, but it's there. And the content market is coming.

Expectations have not been managed well, I'll grant you that. Heck, even Rob will grant you that. But now ... now is not the time to jump ship. Now is the time to get on board. The import/export feature alone provides a host of possibilities that we didn't have before.
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