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Hello again HL forums, I've got a tricky bit of eval scripting that I cannot seem to get working. I've got a race that is sort of 'build your own anthropomorphic' type deal from the Thunderscape Campaign setting, and they get their choice of claw or bite or gore attack, which I've copied the mechanics from 'claw attack' additional ability from tiefling. Then they get their pick of three abilities from a list.

One of which increases the damage rating of their natural attacks (from race), one of which makes their natural attacks (from race) 19-20/x2. I'm having difficulty coding this. I tried looking at how the script works to increase weapon damage of all natural weapons when you increase the size but it hasn't worked with my modifications. I've added a tag Helper.FerranNaturalWeapon to all the natural weapon abilities from the race, and went with something to this effect:

~change the size of our natural weapons
      var searchexpr as string
      searchexpr = "tagis[Helper.FeralNaturalWeapon]"      
      foreach pick in hero from BaseNatWep where searchexpr
         perform eachpick.assign[Helper.DamageUp]
I've tried variations of this, not using tagis, not doing it as a variable, it always comes back that it's not a valid expression. I also don't even know how I'm going to do the crit change.
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