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Originally Posted by ChrisRevocateur View Post
What can I do to start the descriptions of the spells and psionic powers? Would making a text file that I could copy/paste the descriptions from easily once we have the core rules working be good enough, or should it be in XML or something, as I don't have any experience with that... yet.
Text file, Word file, either way it doesn't matter much to me, as typing out the descriptions takes the longest time to do and there are a lot of spells and psionic powers. My personal preference would be for someone to start with psionic powers so that I could put Dark Sun functionality into the mechanics but we need a lot of things from the Player's Handbook.

Let me amend this by saying you should use the skills & powers book to do psionic powers as a guide, since that was the latest updated tome.

I'm working on the race component and background tab right now. Not sure how long it will take to finish but I've gotten a handle on things pretty well.


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