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Originally Posted by Anidarc View Post
Thank you for your prompt reply! This is the only error I have been receiving.

"The data files could not be loaded due to errors. Hero Lab will now attempt to load them in recovery mode. Once loaded, you can access the editor as normal to correct any errors.

The following errors occurred:

Thing 'rcSoPAberr' - Bootstrap thing 'xAmorphous' does not exist"
The issue is actually coming from Spheres of Power. I would start with making sure you have the latest Sphere addons fully updated. I would go into Updates and force update all the Sphere of Power addons you have. It won't hurt anything and it will guarantee you have the latest versions.

If that does not work I would recommend posting to THIS thread to get TheIronGolem's attention who is the author of Spheres of Power. Be sure to include the above error message to help him track down the issue. He can then give you more specific instructions on how to fix this issue.

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