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I keep trying to think of a reason why you would ever do 2 of the same AB on a character. My main thought would be "Ok, what about a Wizard/Sorcerer" build, but mechanically it seems to me that would all just be about trappings. Why would you pick up the same AB again to do that? Maybe as a quick way to pick up more power points and powers, but it would't be the same pool of power points or even powers since they are supposed to be tracked separately, although it would at least use the same skill for casting. Still it seems like it would certainly be possible to do it per the rules with GM permission. It seems the only way to really handle that is by allowing some form of "on-the-fly" AB creation within the creator itself, so AB: Magic, for example, couple be copied out or something to be renamed "AB: Wizardry", for example, even if the underlying stuff all still stays the same. That seems like a really tough coding project, though. Yowsa.

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