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Originally Posted by Trion View Post
Well, thank you again for your help ! It looks like I am mostly done. I have a few issues, though.

If I create a Druid5/Planar Shepherd 6, I already see 3 charges of Planar Bubble available, when I should only see 1, and then 3 at Planar Shepherd 10. I have the same issue with Plane Shift (I see 2 charges when I shoud see only 1). Do you have any idée why that could be ? In the mouseover-thingy of the Planar Shepherd class, the specials of lvl 7 and over are grayed out, so I don't really understand what happens here.
It's difficult to know for sure without seeing it, but I suspect that you didn't prevent scripts from running at the later levels. You need to add something at the beginning of eval scripts for any class special gained beyond 1st level.

doneif (tagis[Helper.ShowSpec] = 0)
This tells the script to stop running if the class special isn't active.

Originally Posted by Trion View Post
EDIT : also Plane Shift does not show up in the In-Play tab, even though I checked the "Show in Tracked Ressources List" thing.
It might depend on what other tags you have on it, and whether or not it was properly bootstrapped. I can't really say for sure without seeing it.

Originally Posted by Trion View Post
EDIT 2 :Could there be an issue where the editor does not compile right when there are tags that are similar except for a single digit at the end ? I notice I have "issues" when I have tags like cPlSPlaBub and cPlsPlaBub3.
What do you mean? cPlSPlaBub isn't a tag, it's a thingid.
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