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Here is another question regarding the Wild Shape ability. The Planar Shepherd's Wild Shaping abilitiues are worded as : "Your druid levels stack with yourplanar shepherd class levels for the purpose of determining the number of daily uses, the maximum HD and size (but not creature type), and the duration of your wild shape ability."

I looked through some other PrCs that work in a similar fashion, and I found this bit of script in the Arcane Hierophant (Races of the Wild) section :

~ Add AH levels to Druid levels for purposes of Wild Shape.
var bonus as number
bonus = #levelcount[ArcHeiro]
foreach pick in hero from BaseClSpec where "thingid.cDrdWild?"
 eachpick.field[xExtraLev].value += bonus
However, if I am not mistaken, this would end up giving my character the ability to Wild Shape into other creature types as well (following the Druid/s levels), which I don't want. Where could I find the list of fields I shoud add/not add the Planar Shepherd level to ?

EDIT : regarding Wild Shape again, I want to add the creature types Magical Beast, Elemental and Outsider. I know that I have to use something like "perform hero.childfound[xWildShape].assign[Type.MagicalBeast]", but I can't find the actual tags to use. Do you know where I could find them ?

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