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Hi ! It's me again !

I keep on progressing on the Planar Shepherd PrC. I am currently working on the Planar Attunement special ability of the PrC.

It states that, at level one, the Planar Shpeherd choses a plane to attune to. I already added all 39 planes (26 from DMG and 13 from Faiths of Eberron, even though the prC is designed to work only with the Eberron cosmology) as Custom Abilities for the class. I gave it the choice of one custom ability at level one, and it is working as intended.

I have a question, though : Planar Attunement states that the Planar Shepherd cannot attune to a plane with an alignement trait opposed to any one of one's own alignement. I understand that it is just a matter of adding a pick requisite to each plane, but I am wondering if there is a way to assign alignement traits to each plane, and then use the same bit of script with all planes to check versus the PC alignement ?

That would be much more convenient than writing a separate line on script for each plane (though it is a nitpick).

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