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Originally Posted by Trion View Post
Hi Sendric,

Thank you VERY MUCH for the detailed write-up. I am going over it at the moment, and I think it should really help me.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like the Spontaneous Casting ability of the Druid for the Summon Nature's Ally spell (which is a special ability of the class from lvl1) does not appear anywhere in the editor. It is a problem because the Greensinger Initiate feat has it as a prerequisite. How could I circumvent this issue ? Or am I missing something ?

EDIT : It looks like the Greensinger Initiate feat is alreay in the pack, after all. In Eberron Campaign Setting, as it should be, I just didn't see it. It also looks like it it completely wrong. The list of spells it adds to the druid spell list is completely off. I am going to write my own version of the feat, which will feature the right spells. It answered my question about the Spontaneous Casting, though.

EDIT 2 : Well, the list of spells written in the description text is completely off, indeed. But the spells are the right ones in the EvalScript. So...
You can either ignore the pre-req or make the pre-req one level of Druid.

I'll take a look at the Greensinger Initiate feat. Sounds like there's a bug there in the description if nothing else.
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