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I want to create a Mythic path ability to change the die size from d6 to d8

I tried using the script from eldtrich blast subsituting d8 for d6 in the script

this did not work it did not replace the d6 with d8 and gave me a bunch of errors.

can someone give me an idea of what to do?

this is a script that I think might work

field[abSumm].text = "+" & field[abValue].value & "d8"

~And now, add our extra damage
doneif (field[abilActive].value = 0)

~there are abilities that alter sneak attack, and they'll add their own
~extradamage, so we don't want to add the base damage in those cases.
doneif (hero.tagis[Custom.AltSneak] <> 0)

foreach pick in hero from BaseWep
#extradamage[eachpick, " plus " & field[abValue].value & "d8" & field[abValue2].value & " sneak attack",field[thingname].text]

I would have to change the hero.tagis[Custom.AltSneak to eldtrich blast but I am not sure how to do this I would also have to change the foreach pick in hero from BaseWep to something reflecting Eldtrich Blast but again I am not sure what to do.

I think I figured out what the replacement for the hero.tagis would be

doneif (hero.tagis[Ability.cEldBlast] <> 0
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