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Maybe I'm just a jerk of a DM but when my players find a gem I give them there description, or one of the descriptions, from the old 2E Volo's Guide to All Things Magical instead of telling them what it is. They have to guess what type of gem it is let alone appraise it.

So in Realm Works I have to put every single one in separately. Very time consuming.

It would be awesome to have a way to have a "database" to pull them from and the database adds the snippets for you to reveal as they learn them. It would be totally amazing if you could just bring up a box and tell it that you want X number of a certain type of gem and it randomly pulls a description from a list of descriptions, random value, a random cut type (including uncut [which would have to be tied to the value]), actual value, and maybe a blank or field for the party's estimated value of the gem.

As for art and jewelry most of these same fields could be included. With an almost infinite database as more and more players put examples in say a Thread for art and jewelry posts.

Maybe have it as some kind of add on?

It might even be possible to add pics to all the different types in the future. Think of some of the awesome D&D style art that has been put out in these past as the pics for artwork.

I would be happy to help put together the database for this.

Does this sound appealing to anyone else?
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