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GoS = Ghosts of Saltmarsh. There aren't any spaceships in official 5e content (yet?). But if someone can program the basics for vehicles into the Community Pack, it shouldn't be too hard to develop spaceships based on those.
Of course, I didn't think of Saltmarsh! The Statblocks are similar to a PC's. That would be an excellent early adaptation.
*wheels grinding* programming the basics, would entail more than building ship heros yes?
The underdark of HL is still mostly a fog of war to me, but if I can help... Inputting data, I have time to spend on it, I'd be doing it anyway.
I'm no code guru but I've weaved a line or two, not afraid to hack a line.
But still, I have a lot to learn about "things", heck I haven't even found the link to the authoring kit yet and dont even know how to get into the underdark, but Im exploring

Might allow for a Spelljammer-type setting too!
We have an accord! GoS mods would allow enough to run an early SJ campaign and I bet the SJ ships would be similar enough if/when released not to break the game. And also for Pirate adventures

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