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This has been fixed (along with adding the new ability to separately control lead characters/minions allegiance/camera placement during tactical mode).

Originally Posted by dacoobob View Post
While you're here, can you say anything about the group license situation? There was supposed to be an announcement "prior to the February 24th renewal deadline", which is today.
We'd intended to roll this out yesterday, but the process took quite a bit longer than we expected. Since we didn't want to disrupt peoples' access to HLO during prime gaming hours, we decided to delay finishing the rollout until this morning. That's now complete, so look for BJ to post some info about the new license types soon.

As for the renewal deadline, I believe we gave everyone one final slight extension to Wednesday of this week (2020-02-26), that is, unless they've purchased within the last 6 months, then you have whatever your normal expiration date is.
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