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Originally Posted by Dami View Post
But... you did, originally! LW had stated that the systems in HLC would be brought across to HLO. I note that this intention isn't in the HLO FAQ anymore. Now there's just a reference to "Classic users will have the option to migrate any content we duplicate in Online." I can still see Rob's HLC/HLO post where he says "Once we have those game systems ported over to Hero Lab Online, new material will come out for both products." I read that as an intention to duplicate HLC system in HLO even though that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
If bringing PF1 across is too difficult, what does that mean for all the other systems?
You'll have to forgive me, I'm a programmer, not a business guy. So I'm not always up to speed on every announcement and post we make on that front. I meant more along the lines of "We have neither announced a release date for PF1 in HLO, nor have we announced that we've decided not to do it."

My main goal here is to give my technical insights as best as I understand them.
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