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I have HLO for Starfinder, but I bought it for 2 very specific case uses. I was in a Starfinder game that we played just to see what it was like, and I wanted to take a look at HLO. My group was done with Starfinder after 1 session, and I won't be playing PF2 or Shadowrun. I might play Savage Worlds, but I've seen nothing to indicate it's coming to HLO. So once they start charging for server access to HLO I'm done with that, and I have lifetime server access for Realm Works. Which means that if PF1 and/or SWADE don't get ported over to HLO, LoneWolf will not have anything else I'm interested in paying for and will not be getting any more of my money (maybe I'll buy a couple more RW products like the Beastiaries, but even that's not really likely).

This is not said in anger - I understand the difficulty of making these decisions. It's just a fact. Well OK, to be fair, I AM a little angry that once again it seems they've promised something they will end up not delivering.

It IS disappointing. I've happily supported LW for years and years both by spending my money and (mostly) singing their praises. I am sad that I'll likely not have reason to do so any longer.

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