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PF1 in HLO is still a future possibility, we haven't announced one way or another.

From a technical perspective, PF1 is an especially complex case compared to bringing a brand new game on board, as all of Starfinder, PF2, and SR6 have been. PF1 has been around FOREVER, and has mountains of content associated with it. Much of this content was developed against an older codebase that has since been upgraded, so we're faced with the choice of either a) bring the old content up to the new technical standard, or b) re-implement lots of old moldy code in the newer codebase to support the old content as-is. Both of these options are time-intensive.

People also have TONS of pre-existing characters that they will want a way to convert/bring over/import. Much of our infrastructure for PF1 and it's content packages predate HLO, in some cased by quite a lot, so we'd be looking at reconciling our old sales system vs the new.

Delivering this all at once is basically a non-starter, as we'd have to go dark for an effective eternity to make that happen. So internally, we've been trying to see if there are viable ways to deliver this monstrosity in meaningful chunks while still making progress toward the overall end goal. Breaking it into chunks introduces it's own complexity and pitfalls, so there's no easy answer.
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