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Not sure if the problem is between the keyboard and the chair or if it actually hasn't been implemented, but I find that if I try to make a power armor or robot armor jock, there are no actual power or robot armors to be found to give to the character. If you make a Glitterboy, it gives you the armor, but if you make a M.A.R.S. character that gets one of those things...nope.

I also noticed that any hero's journey result that gives edges from a category (i.e. the one that lets you pick any combat edge, but its any of them like that) it never counts your edge as being chosen, so you get an error. Also, some of them, such as the one that lets you choose a background edge, insist that you pick two edges (and still counts it as zero edges chosen no matter what). The ones that give you SPECIFIC edges work fine though.

Likewise, no matter how much cyberware you pick, it never counts any of it against your strain.

Just a few things I thought you might like to know. It's still a nice package over all.
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