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Originally Posted by Snarkhunter View Post
For Dwarven Holds: When upgrading 10x Iron Guard (minimum unit size) to have a champion - the unit goes to 11 models at 175 pts. The correct price should be 174 pts (150 +10 champion +1x14 for the extra model).
Fixed DL same release

Originally Posted by Snarkhunter View Post
Also - it would be really nice if all units (of all armies) capable of taking champions didn't add an additional model when adding a champion. Sometimes you want a minimum unit of models with a champion - and adding a champion then having to subtract a model is a bit wonky. Not to mention the repeated issue of increasing the model count to the desired size before selecting a champion from the command options, resulting in having 1 model too many.
I agree with you, however because the 9th age uses model counts for secondary special rules or unit options availability, the code must see the champion as part of the unit as a whole for counting purposes. In the WF8, I could get arround this by coding a drop parent unit count by one, however that route would not work in 9th becuase under the WF8 code format the system saw the following, ok you have 10 models and one of them is a champion ok you have a count of total model count of 11 which is not the case. So to correctly apply it we have to go the longer way. I will look at other dataset systems and see if I can find another route, but I dont think so as this is something that I have run into before.

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