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Originally Posted by adzling View Post
Unfortunately all the action is in the nested folders on the left side of the interface that are all closed in this picture (opening them would ensure almost nothing fits in the image as there are SOOOOOO many items).
Take screenshots and edit them down and/or post multiple images. If you need an image editor, I recommend

Also, you can use Dropbox with the IMG tag, but you need to remove any query string in the URL (the question mark and text after it, normally "?dl=0" for Dropbox public links) and use "?raw=1" instead. Like so:

(Ow! Too huge! Breaks out of the forum layout! Sorry about that. Remember when posting pictures that the most common screen resolution is 1366x768, and the forum layout takes up ~200 pixels of that width.)

I still think you're better off with attachments, though. No need to worry about storage.

We now return you to the actual topic of the thread. :)

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