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Originally Posted by Ughbash View Post
In Bestiary they had a section on playing a monster as a Player character.

Basically if you were playing a campaign starting at level 3 you could play a CR2 monster and add 1 character leve to it. Then when you had gotten 3 class levels you got an effective class level as they lowered the CR by 1 (down to a minimum of 1/2 orginal level).

So a Lyrakien (Cr2) Druid 1 should be a third level character and a Lyrakien druid 6 should be a 7th level character.

When I try to creat a Lyrakien Druid in Hero Lab it treats the first 3 levels as Lyrakien sicne it has 3 hd....

Is there a setting to use "Monsters as Player Characters"?
From how I understood it (I haven't read it in a while though), the rules actually state that your ECL for calculating APL, and deciding what level of party you are able to adventure with, uses your CR (or the reduced CR as you go up in level), but that ALL other things use your race's HD as levels. Basically, Hero Lab is correct in how it is calculating your level/stats. The rules in the back of the Core Rulebook only apply to how your character fits in with all the other characters in a campaign.
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