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Originally Posted by lifer4700 View Post
That's the way it works.

Is it elegant? Nope.
Is it the best solution? Nope.

But it's effective and relatively easy to implement.

I work for a major engineering software company, and one of our largest products is a database for document and CAD data management. Our software allows you to dynamically open and make edits in a structure or document while connected live, and the software implicitly checks things out and in as you move around making changes. Ideally, that's where I'd like to see Realm Works. Multiple people could be working on the same assembly, just in different parts. No problems.

However, you can also explicitly check out (and download) a document or CAD part, or an entire assembly, taking your time and working off-line. Meanwhile, no one else can check out that data. You can connect and upload your changes occasionally if you like, all the while keeping your checkout, so people can see any progress you're making, but until you check it back in, no one else can perform a checkout.
I would imagine that the cost of buying into that technology would be a bit higher than fifty bucks.
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